No Grammys Hit Playlist

Massive hit but no Grammy- Playlist

As the name suggests, this is a playlist of few songs which were a massive hit but unfortunately could not fetch Grammy. while watching Grammy awards a few months back, I was thinking about the songs which didn't make it to the nominations or the winning list in spite of being Phenomenal and enjoying success worldwide.… Continue reading Massive hit but no Grammy- Playlist


Sleeves you need to embrace this summer

Any plans for shopping this summer? well, if yes!! Here is something that may help you while you are picking the latest clothes from the store's girls! I am talking, the type of sleeves you need to embrace this summer. These sleeves are totally in these days and were spotted on Runways. Check them out below. 🙂 Bell sleeves From the latest trends… Continue reading Sleeves you need to embrace this summer


Mother’s day special

Mother's day is on 8th! well, I do not want to be late with this post. Mother is always least demanding. She hardly complains, She never expects much and always keeps loving unconditionally without even needing a token of appreciation. Gift Ideas So what are you planning to gift your Mother? I usually give my mom a day off.… Continue reading Mother’s day special