Winter woe Dandruff, arohii

Winning over Common winter woe, Dandruff

Winters bring with them common health and beauty issues which worsen if neglected. It is therefore very much necessary to know the common winter woes and their solution. One of the serious winter problems that require immediate attention is Dandruff. Ew! But true. Let's Face it, we all have been there. It is natural. why? Because my friends, it… Continue reading Winning over Common winter woe, Dandruff


Most Priceless smiles

When do you smile the brightest? A smile that is priceless comes whenever we are happy. And sometimes, this kind of smiles, the most priceless ones results from simple things, Little things, the Simplest form of kindness, simplest deeds etc. These priceless smiles win hearts. These smiles are bigger than anything in this world. These priceless smiles are most beautiful. Let's meet the owners of most… Continue reading Most Priceless smiles


Indian award-winning Movies for Children

A good movie means time well spent. By good, I mean a thought-provoking, Refreshing, Emotional and Entertaining Movie. A Good movie has all these qualities more or less. Isn't it? These movies listed here are some good award-winning Indian movies for children. I have watched them and I recommend them too. Kaphal: wild berries (IMDB)… Continue reading Indian award-winning Movies for Children


..And the winner is Tea.

Tea, a common thing from everyday life turns into a simple pleasure early morning or whenever one might need it. So does coffee, I know you said that! Well, my friends, if you ask me I would always prefer tea over Coffee and for me... the Winner will always be tea, here's why- Tea is a common… Continue reading ..And the winner is Tea.