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13 Mind Blowing Body & Health facts

Did you know, why Bad breath can be useful sometimes or if freckles were cancerous or may be the right age to go for nose Job? Well, this is a list of 13 mind blowing body and health facts that I am sure you will love to know. Health/Body Facts Stomach blushes when you blush.… Continue reading 13 Mind Blowing Body & Health facts


Five Animal Ninjas #wildlifeDay

Animal Ninjas are those brave animals who fight like ninjas and their nunchucks are their special mind-blowing strategies for survival. Human boasts about being most intelligent species but these five animals will make you think twice before you say that. I mean, they are simply Astonishing. Without further ado, Let me tell you who they are and why… Continue reading Five Animal Ninjas #wildlifeDay

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8 Cheap And Healthy Foods With Recipes

Ever wanted to have Super Powers? well, If I could have one superpower, I would have wished to eat anything (By that I mean, carbs) and still stay super healthy. But that is Impossible. So, guys, you must know 8 foods that are cheap and super healthy for you and do check the recipes to find super great ways… Continue reading 8 Cheap And Healthy Foods With Recipes