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Why Must You Experience Free Online Course At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

arohii, free online course, learning, blog, career, littlejoyaffair

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is. I am quoting Isaac Asimov. I could not possibly agree more. Be it at any age, Self-education should never stop. One must never stop learning. A couple of days back, I posted a blog post on Sustainable Fashion. Believe me, I was unaware of the concept of sustainability in fashion before and it was just a word to me which I would see often on shopping sites. So one day, I googled it and found several articles. Before proceeding to read those articles, I decided to look for the most reliable source to explore and learn something new. And there it was in the search result, a free course by London School of Fashion on Fashion Sustainability. I signed up right away and took their course. It was really great to know so many new things about the fashion industry and the challenges it faces. Almost all my questions were being answered. And it was all because of the free education for which I am grateful.

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The concept of free education is nothing new. Though the methodology varied in the past, it has been very much there since the 1920s in the form of distance learning and Correspondence course. Use of the Internet for online learning came later in form of Massive open online course (MOOC). In the beginning, very few students enrolled in MOOC, which was at first provided by nonprofit universities in the form of RSS feeds. Soon, many new platforms emerged like Udemy, Courseera, Edx, Khan Academy etc. Today, top universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale and more are offering online courses on a number of subjects and topics for free through these online learning platforms. And if one wishes to be certified and earn a degree, a very generous and reasonable amount is charged. The duration of such courses can be short or long. Degree certificate programs may take up to 1 year. Masters may take up to 3 years and so on. I came across some short duration courses on healthcare, which I intend to take soon.

arohii, little joy affair, online free courses, education, career, blog

Below is an example of three courses at course era which anyone can be benefited from-

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects 

University- the University of California, San Diego

The Science of Well-Being

University- Yale University

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health 

University- Stanford.

Courses offered by universities at Course era or any other platform vary from self-improvement topics to professional topics. One can use them in improving their career or life. I will list some courses for bloggers at the end of this post, but for now let us discuss why take an online free course, who is it for and how does the Job interviewer react to such degrees and the concept of online free courses?

Apart from being free and easily accessible from the comfort of your home, online courses are a great way to continue your education, to improve your career, to learn new things and more. Such certificates obtained with an aim to improve your skill in the desired field if listed on your CV not only shows your inquisitive personality but also adds an extra factor and additional points on your CV. Secondly, an online course is a savior to all those employed workers who are struggling for promotion but have no time to take a course at college.

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Online courses are for almost everyone looking for free resources to perfect their expertise or for the newbies like the new parents who want parenting guidance. It is for homemakers and students. Do you have a hobby or interest and want to learn more about it, take an online course. For example, you can learn a new language or read about Nazi Germany. Learn more about Chinese culture or take a course on entrepreneurship before setting up your startup. Online courses are flexible. Any age group can start learning anytime, anywhere and the best part is that you get to be taught by the team of faculty from top universities of the world. It is normal to be skeptical about the future prospects of a degree earned through an online free course. And to be honest, not all employers take such degrees seriously. Especially the ones who need to educate themselves about open online learning. Some Employers prefer accredited online degrees. But in the end, above all, your candidature will be evaluated on several factors other than just the degree. And in present day, there has been a rise in acceptance of an online degree, especially in the business management area. Some colleges also have mandatory contact sessions in addition to online learning. Accredited courses from a recognized and well known university are always respected. If you are unsure about an online course, it will be safe for you to take a short duration course or a course suitable to develop skills and gain more knowledge in your current area of work for extra credit.

arohii, online learning, blog, little joy affair

6 best places you can take an online course for free-

Open University




University of London

6 best free online courses for bloggers and entrepreneurs-

Social Media Strategy for Small Business Owners

Photography Techniques, Light, Content, and sharing

How to Create a Website in a Weekend

Grammar and Punctuation 

Community Journalism: Digital and Social media

Writing for Social Media

Apart from these websites helping students and professionals learn for free, there are also, free books available online for all the lovers of literature to bask under the enlightening rays of knowledge. These are the books in the public domain for all to read which includes the old classic books with expired copyrights or books that have been shared under Creative Commons License.

Would you like to read these books?

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Contact me and I will send it for free in pdf format. (Last date: End of June)

The concept of free education is a blessing. It is free, flexible and fascinating. We are the fortunate generation to have massive learning resources at our fingertips and we must grab this opportunity and make the most out of it. Have you taken any online course? Please share with us!

Thank you all for reading.

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  1. This is an amazing post… You make so many valid /accurate points…
    We are always learning… But it is better if we can organize our knowledge.
    Free online courses are a great resource nowadays…. And we are just one click away!…
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