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Five Things That Are Better Done The Retrospective Way

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to another blog post: Five Things That Are Better Done The Retrospective Way where I will talk about some backdated approach to do things which I believe can be done better that way. Those of you who have been following my blog must be already aware that I was not blogging for few months. When I was back, I was totally rusty. There was an alienated feeling when I started using this platform to write my post. So, I decided to write my blog post on a piece of paper.

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After my slow writing speed, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors, I humbly quit the idea and returned back to my laptop. I was missing autocorrect, oh yes! I am so used to it. The Damage has been done, dear friends. I remember how we used to write everything on a piece of paper. It is inevitable to avoid mistakes, but at least I used to get the spellings right. I was not a slave of speed and autocorrect.

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These days people have their eyes stuck on their phone screens. Gone are the days when we would sit and gossip for hours. It made our bonds stronger. It made us know each other so very well. But those are some retrospective ways to pass the time now and what we have lost are those precious little moments of laughter arising from a silly joke by a friend or let’s say everything that made our life great. Now, I feel it has become bland. Oh, memories live forever. It is up to us to make them special.

books, retrospective ways, blog post, arohii

Reading books is one of my favorite things to do. I do not know about you but recently I have switched to reading them in Epub or PDF format. Many of us read ebooks. Those are a great source of information with so many great features like easy accessibility, multi-device usage, easy sharing and inbuilt dictionary. Now, I love reading books the backdated way more and finding the meaning of words manually & writing them down with a pencil on the pages of the book (which our teacher used to make us do at school) has made me remember them easily and for a long time in comparison to the usage of inbuilt dictionary.

Gifting the retrospective way is also my favorite than the dry online gifting system. Okay, you may differ. But honestly, tell me which feeling is better? To receive a handmade specially made for you, kind of greeting card or to be sent a predesigned ecard through some online website.

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The world has changed for good. No question! But some things were better done the old way. Take an example of listening to music. Omg, I remember how excited I was when I bought my first Ricky Martin CD. We used to share our CDs and cassettes at school with friends. It was then when I first became a fan of the song, Everyday is a Winding Road. I played it all along our way to Agra in our car. My grandfather was getting mad at me, but I just didn’t listen. Today things are different. I do not get as much excited as I used to get at a release of a new album. Its all on YouTube, Spotify, and other apps. I can listen to them anytime I like. I do not have to own a CD or sit in front of tv or radio to wait for my song to play. No wonder why Play by Jennifer Lopez was such a big hit. It was relatable.

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13 thoughts on “Five Things That Are Better Done The Retrospective Way”

  1. “Memories live forever… it’s up to us to make them special” 🤗 I love that… great and wise statement.
    I agree with your points above, dear Arohii. I guess we are still trying to find balance with phones and so on… until a new device comes out, maybe? 📲 🧐 great post. 👍 sending love and wishing you a very nice week ahead 😘

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    1. Hey, thank you so much my friend. I am so happy that you second my thoughts.
      You are right. Lots of loves to you and thank you once again for your likes, visit, comment and share! You are awesome and have a fantastic week ahead. ❤ xoxo

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    1. Thank you, Zani. 🙂 I do not think that people who prefer some things in a old school way are backdated. Glad that you share my thoughts. Loves~xoxo


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