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What is Little Joy Affair?


Thank you first of all for your interest. Little Joy Affair is a personal lifestyle blog. It is my retreat where I will share with you my love for the simple pleasures of life which is the source of all joy and inspiration to me.

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These are the little Joy things that I am passionate about. In other words, I am going to share with you my love for simple things like Clothes, Food, Entertainment, Books, Inspirations, and Aspirations, etcetera, etcetera.


What to expect?

Subjects for the Articles are Varied and are based on Fashion, Style, Food, Recipes, Music, travel, Health and Awareness, Shopping, Personal Issues, Social Issues and Causes & more.

Apart from all the above topics, this blog may present to you some of my novice attempt at scribbling something meaningful in the form of a short poem, prose or quotes.

Note to my readers and new followers-

First of all, thank you for Joining me in my blogging Journey. I am forever grateful for your support.

Little Joy Affair, arohii


Secondly, I request you to kindly note that, I will work my best to bring you a quality article, sometimes it may not be up to the mark. Please Know that I am not a trained professional writer. Nor is my first language English. I may make mistakes. Excuse me if I do. Correct me if you please. A positive and constructive feedback is always welcomed. Politeness would be greatly appreciated. Rude, Demoralizing Narcissistic People, Grammar Nazis are not welcome.

Giveaways, Newsletters, and Offers-

Sometimes, I may do sponsored posts or share affiliate links. I hope you find best suited and useful links according to your interest and taste. Occasionally we will have giveaways. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletters to stay updated. No spam! It’s a promise!!

Why do I blog?

I blog because I want to be able to connect with people around the world. To Share and learn new things. I am not a writer, but blogging provides me a platform where I can realize my dream of writing. And last but not the least, maybe because of an underlying little hope that through this blog, I will be able to help someone reading it in some sort of way.

Who Am I?

I am an imperfect, simple person. I am a nature lover, a keen learner, and a lover of the world. I enjoy watching good movies and learning about different culture. I am a fashion fanatic and a music fan. I like simple things. I prefer calm and quiet places. I believe in living in the moment. I have a special interest in reading and learning about the World War. Period Drama interests me. I do not know why though. I like history. Um, I would love to learn more about you as well and you can know me more through my posts. Or shoot me a question anytime. By profession, I am a dentist. I have no prior experience in writing or blogging. I have been in the blogging world for two years but was inactive for a while due to my other commitments.

Send in your queries by filling in this simple form. I will be more than happy to reply



Email me at Zhwadevivre@gmail.com.

Let’s be friends-







Thank you for stopping by.

Best Wishes and Lots of Loves,



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