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Shopping Cures Summertime Blues.

What do you do when you get summertime blues? What do you do when you got to work and all you want to do is take a fine vacation, chill by the side of the beach and close your eyes and feel the summer breeze on your skin. Well, If you listen to Eddie Cochran, he says,… Continue reading Shopping Cures Summertime Blues.

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Here’s what guests to spring wedding can wear!

Have you been invited to a wedding this spring? Fear not. Here’s what you can possibly wear to the spring wedding. Spring happens to be one of the most beautiful seasons on earth and you can wear anything from bright yellow to Rose quartz to Mint green. All the rejuvenating colors for one Joyful & refreshing… Continue reading Here’s what guests to spring wedding can wear!

Dresslink skirt


Dresslink made me look retro gifting me a skirt and sunglasses a few days back. If you remember, I showed you my wishlist from Dresslink which included a Retro black leather skater skirt and a Retro unisex cat eye sunglasses. I received both within four days of placing my gift order. Packaging and shipping both were satisfactory. And I am so… Continue reading Dresslink